We invest in ambitious entrepreneurs with unique idea that will define the next era of innovation. We take a hands-on approach from the very beginning, partnering with talented entrepreneurs to transform their vision into reality.


We help build products from idea to launch. We have developed our approach from the lessons we've learned over last 3 years to supports us in our ambition. A distinct advantage whileofone brings to you.

✔    Validate the problem

✔    Understand the competition

✔   Addressable Market Size

✔    Benchmark pricing

✔    Features customer would expect


Our experience has taught success of the idea depends on doing extensive market research of the problem, the idea is going to solve. We help entrepreneurs to validate their idea on the following areas.


As every entrepreneur will know, starting up a business is taking a step into the unknown; it is therefore essential to arm your business with as much information and data on your target market as possible.

✔  Develop the Business Plan

✔    Identify Product Features

✔   Develop Quick Prototype

✔    Brand Awareness/Creation Marketing Strategy

✔    MVP Launch Plan

✔    Develop Minimum Viable Product

✔    Support in Beta Launch

✔   Develop Full Product Roadmap

✔   Launch Digital Marketing Campaign

✔   Support in developing customer traction


We help entrepreneur development of their first scalable, secure, fully-viable product, affording the founder time to do what they’re best at, business. Whileofone takes the headache of product development, best fit technology selection, scalable architecture.



If you’re a Startup / an Entrepreneur/ a Forward-thinking company with an interesting product concept.