Our Vision

We want to help entrepreneur to build their dreams through our intellectual capital and technology expertise. We at WhileOfOne help build companies. We believe in people; surrounding designers, developers and doers with in-house experts, to help deliver and execute on the best ideas we think up.

Our Value Add

We have worked with many startups ourselves and helped to launch their ideas. We have experience with growing startups from the very early days to many millions in revenue. We've seen the challenges companies have in finding product-market fit and know how to help founders think through the issues they'll face as they grow.

Product Development

We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique technologies that will define the next era of innovation. We take a hands-on approach from the very beginning, partnering with talented entrepreneurs to transform their vision into reality.

Dream Hub

Whileofone loves Startups. We invest in entrepreneurs who understand their industry, but who have not done technology before. Whileofone funds the acceleration of these startups by funding the development of their first scalable, secure, fully-viable product, affording the founder time to do what they’re best at, business. Whileofone takes the headache of product development, best fit technology selection, scalable architecture.

Innovation Lab

We constantly invest on disruptive technologies & concepts. We have partnered with large corporates to provide them a platform to test new technology within our Innovation Lab. We are currently working on Blockchain, IoT, Myo and Virtual Reality.

Whileofone   Advantage.  

We’re a company born out of a passion to make great products.
We help companies and startups from all over the world materialize their ideas into great projects.

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If you’re a Startup / an Entrepreneur/ a Forward-thinking company with an interesting product concept.